Let's Get Safe!The PowerCheck Electrical Safety Assessment

  • From incoming service conductors thru to receptacles
  • Homes are rated extreme, high, medium or low risk
  • Once the corrective actions have been completed, the home is automatically re-rated at the respective lower risk rating

How long does the electrical assessment take?

Risk Rating

  • One or more imminent electrical dangers have been identified. This risk rating provides protection to both the insurer and the client that the house does not remain in this dangerous state. Should a house be described as extreme risk, immediate action to eliminate the identified hazard(s) is required.
  • One or more electrical issues are found that do not comply with the electrical code at the time of the original installation or time of the addition.
  • Defines a home that complies with electrical code at time of installation, and any additions (e.g. dishwasher circuit) have been done in accordance to the code at the time.
  • E.g.: a Heritage home with original “knob-and-tube wiring. Additional circuits have been added over the years in accordance to the electrical code at the time of the addition.
  • The home electrical system not only meets medium-risk rating, but additional actions have been taken to substantially bring home up to current standards. These actions include GFCI protection of receptacles in vicinity of water, installation of smoke alarms, and electrical bonding of gas line.


Electrical Safety Report (page one)


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